It takes time to take homes. That’s one of our biggest mantras here within our sales office. Too many agents simply try to acquire homes from motivated sellers  – at a discount – solely off the asking price. This is a recipe for disaster. Building a relationship and value simply takes time. Being focused solely on the numbers is clinical in nature. We are in the relationship business not the numbers business. You need to build rapport and value before ever asking someone to sell their home – and that takes time.

So, why do so many “wholesalers” give their price too early in the sales cycle? Poor training. Most agents simply have never had real sales training before. They’ve never closed a high ticket item for any industry. Asking someone for a 20K-100K discount off of their home is an art. Are your agents wordsmiths? Are they phone assassins? Do they  know how to warm up a client, build rapport and identify the sellers emotional needs. Your clients deserve to be heard out and have their problem solved. Your seller cares more about the solution than the price being offered.

People like to do business with those they know trust. Does your client know and trust you?


These small items here were just a few of the HUNDREDS of things you can do to optimize your sales team. The most important thing to do though is feed them quality leads.

If you’re in need of highly qualified and highly motivated leads, it has never been a better time to reach back to me than NOW!