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One of the Real Estate Investor’s day-to-day practices is improving a home and making sure that the after-repair-value (ARV) will be worth it.

Identifying what to add to boost ARV is important, as not all improvements are made equally. Ultimately, if it aligns with your investing strategy, this will make your property stand out, attract more buyers, and raise your asking price.

With the property data targeting, you can run an analysis on what the cash sales are in an area – coupled with the original buyers acquisition price. Many hedgefund are paying top dollar right now to stay ahead of the mom-and-pop investors. It’s never been better to be a wholesaler.

If you are curious about what markets are providing the biggest spreads – just reach out to us. We are currently in 67 markets nationwide and have all the data analytics it takes to know what market will produce the leads with the biggest spreads.

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